About this Site

This site houses the personal artwork of Yoli-chan. I wanted a personalized place I could call my own, beyond social media. You will find lots of anime and furry illustrations among a few other things. Although most of this content is fairly old, I don't have the heart to toss away the art and web project I've kept for over 10 years, so here it is still in its dusty little corner of the web, haha.

About Yoli-chan

It's Yoli~

Ohi. c: Some basic information about me:

  • I'm a graphic / web designer. I do anything from graphics, front end development, UI/UX design to online marketing. I occasionally also make apps and assets for games. If you're a programmer / developer in need of cute graphics for a fun game or project, I wouldn't mind hearing about it and possibly help out, if the compensation is right. >uo Just send me a note~.
  • I'm based in Toronto, Canada. You may find me at a few conventions each year where I offer commissions and art merch~
  • My hobbies include drawing cute stuff (which you can see in my gallery), doing random crafts such as sewing (cosplay and felt plushies), knitting, and card making, but I'm not very good at any of them. I don't play video games or watch much tv anymore, sorry if that's boring..~
  • Other things I like: bears, pretty desserts, lolita fashion, Touhou Project, slice of life anime, learning new things, 2-byte smileys

If you want to know anything, feel free to ask on my social media pages or in an email.~

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What do you use to draw?

A: For digital work, I use Paint Tool SAI for sketching/painting in combination with a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet, and Adobe Photoshop (any version from 7.0 - CS4) for everything else. I occasionally use Illustrator for vector images. In the past I've used various programs like Open Canvas, Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop, Flash, even oekaki. It's fun to try new things. o3o
For traditional, I use basic materials such as HB or 2B pencils for sketching, Sakura micron pens or regular ball-point dye for inking, Prismacolor pencils, and any brand watercolours and acrylics for painting. I use Strathmore 140lb paper for watercolour and any brand canvas for acrylics (sometimes stretched myself, ew)

  • Q: Will you do commissions?

A: It depends on my commission status which is often posted on my commission page, or deviantART journal along with all other commission information. I'm often on hiatus with commissions, however I accept on-spot commissions when I'm at conventinos, so feel free to ask if you spot me at a convention!

  • Q: Will you do commissions for Gaiaonline gold, Dofus kamas or *insert other game or virtual currency*?

A: Depends how addicted I am to whatever the game is at the time. XD But usually my slots are very limited, and like the regular commissions I often go on hiatus (especially on GaiaOnline). However, non-virtual currency commissions will always be higher priority.

  • Q: I have another question regarding commission or work.

A: If your answer cannot be found on my commission page, please send me a message. C:

  • Q: Do you like to enter art contests? Will you consider entering my art contest?

A: It depends largely on the challenge and the prize. I will gladly consider, but no guarantees.

  • Q: Can I post your artwork on my page? Can I use your art as my avatar or in a forum signature?

A: You can use the art if prior written permission is given to you, and by properly crediting the artist (Yoli-chan). You can credit me by including a name and link to the original source with the artwork. You cannot claim the artwork as your own or sell it. The art is free for personal use such as signatures and personal desktop wallpapers, but not for commercial use (e.g. you cannot sell signatures, wallpapers that have my art in it).

  • Q: Did you/do you take art lessons?

A: Yes and no. Everything I've learned has been mostly self- taught up til the middle of my university life where I got to learn about historical and conceptual ideas more than the technical side of art.

  • Q: Do you have *insert instant-messaging software or RPG name here* and if so, can I add you?

A: These days I'm usually inactive on most sites, messengers, and games other than what I have listed(Twitter, tumblr and deviantART). Of course you are welcome to follow me on those sites~~

  • Q: Any tips you can give on drawing/digital art?

A: I doubt I'm the best person to ask, since I am constantly trying to learn myself. But it takes patience, practice, dedication and experimentation. There are lots of tutorials out there that can explain things in depth more than I can, but remember you don't always need fancy programs or materials to make "good" work. Go wild.~

  • Q: Any tips you can give to an artist that is just starting out at artist alley?

A: Having been to only a few conventions myself in the past couple years (I started in 2011), here are a few major things I learned along the way:
• Prepare well in advance; that includes your artwork, table arrangement, travel arrangements, etc.
• Be friendly to neighbours and con-goers; it's good to have company. ;w;
• Take care of yourself; pack water, food, and get some sleep!
• I personally try to focus more on gaining valuable experience and making connections than making profit, it helps to shake off some of my anxiety. :9

  • Q: Will you "like" my Facebook page?

A: I will if I actually like it~!

  • Q: How's it going?

A: Fine, thanks!